MetaHammer is about tools and resources with impact. A metahammer is a script, a tool, a piece of software, an idea, or... anything... that has impact on what we do and on how we think.

Metaverse Scripting, Musical Instruments, Ideas

Today begins a new phase of Metahammer. This place has been pretty random and it’s time to get organized. I will still be blogging about virtual reality, art, ideas, etc., but I will also be reviewing specific (mostly virtual) products and writing essays to explain some of the peculiarities of scripting and building in SL and similar worlds. You can select a tag to sort the posts according to your interests.

DISCLAIMER: Everything I say here is my personal opinion and you are free to disagree with me. Let me know if anything I say is technically incorrect or otherwise misinformed. I’ll try to correct verifiable factual errors, but I’m not here to debate aesthetic preferences or ideas that can’t be substantiated.

I’m going to focus on the following areas:

Virtual Musical Instruments and Sound Objects

I will be reviewing the products of instrument makers in SL. I’ll give the makers opportunities to respond to my reviews and they may even offer specials for my readers. I’m willing to be corrected if I’ve erred and I may be influenced by a maker’s preferences about which objects I review. (E.g., if they know of problems and are about to release a revision, it’s only fair to wait.) I may accept review copies of products if offered. But I will review products from my own perspective as a musicologist and as a maker, and user of these products. These will be critical reviews and not fluffy promotional pieces.

Metaverse Scripting

I’m not a master scripter, but I’ve learned a LOT in the last three years or so of building objects in SL. Every time I learn something new, I feel like it could have been explained a lot better in the online resources. So my hope is to take certain processes and to illuminate them as clearly as possible with the simplest of examples, assuming the reader has almost no experience with Linden Scripting Laguage (or any of its metaversal variants). My hope is to end up with a nice collection of examples and code snippets that anyone can use.

Arts and Ideas

This is a catchall for anything I happen to find interesting at the moment. It may include previews or reviews of virtual arts events, as well as conversations about the meaning of virtual life.

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