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Emerging Technologies

N.B.: This article was written in October 2009. It represents unrefined notes and should be considered unfinished.

I just attended an online voice seminar from New Media Consortium (NMC) titled Talking Emerging Technologies With Bryan Alexander. Alexander is Director of Research for National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE), and is currently thet Chair of the Advisory Board for the 2010 NMC Horizon Report an important annual assessment of technology and learning. In this hour-long conversation with NMC’s Alan Levine (VP of Community and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for NMC), there were so many ideas laid out that my head nearly exploded. The presenters were very responsive to the back chat, which was also informative and insightful.

Emerging technologies are coming at us at an astounding rate. Things like Twitter and podcasting are already pretty familiar to us all by now. I had just heard about Google Wave — a new collaborative environment that could promise to change the ways we do everything in a networked world. These guys are already thinking past that. Thinking it has great potential, perhaps, but may not be the prime mover into the next decade of technology.

Here’s an abbreviated list of topics:

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