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Why Hi Fi?

Second Life creator Philip Rosedale and partners are working on a new VR platform called High Fidelity. It’s still in very alpha state, but they are occasionally releasing little samples of their progress. What I’ve seen until now has been less than impressive, but I was pretty amazed at this latest demo. The characters look […]

3D HMD Watch: Oculus Rift and Beyond


Samsung working with Oculus on a HMD to use a Galaxy Note 4? (11 Aug 2014) Samsung GearVR – Headset holder for a smartphone. (8 July 2014) Control VR – Wearable arm/hand/finger “power glove” controller (Kickstarter – fully funded). To use with Oculus, etc. (2 July 2014)

The Oculus Rift 3D HMD (head-mounted display) […]

If a picture is worth a thousand words….

When addressing technical problems, it’s often a paradigm shift that makes for the most compelling breakthroughs. PiCam is an experimental new micro-camera array from Pelican Imaging intended to be used on mobile devices. It provides high resolution images by using an array of tiny lenses instead of one large one. Think about radio telescope arrays […]

Oculus Rift Not A Game Changer (probably)

OK, I’ve tried the Rift developer kit device. Cool factor is very high. Possibly too high. I got the thing to use in Second Life, which does not yet officially support it, but plans to in the very near future. In the meantime there is an independent developer version that minimally supports the device, (CtrlAltStudio […]

Microsoft Research shows Holodesk

Augmented reality tech from Next at Microsoft.

Emerging Technologies

N.B.: This article was written in October 2009. It represents unrefined notes and should be considered unfinished.

I just attended an online voice seminar from New Media Consortium (NMC) titled Talking Emerging Technologies With Bryan Alexander. Alexander is Director of Research for National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE), and is currently thet […]