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Decentralization and Socialism

N.B.: This is an unfinished article written in July 2009.

One of the most revolutionary and evolutionary changes that information technology has brought about is the decentralization of networked resources. I am writing this post with a keyboard connected to my local PC which is connected to the Internet where there is a server with […]

The Mathematics of Curiosity

Why do we care about learning? What makes us curious? Is curiosity a survival trait? What is it that thrills us when we learn something that shakes our understanding of reality? What are the odds that a species would evolve to become conscious of self, of others, and of the farthest reaches of imagination? Animals […]

Evolution in SL (Literally)

The Chronicle of Education reports “the University of Cincinnati has recreated the Galapagos Islands, where Darwin conducted some of his famous research, in Second Life. The project is part of the university‚Äôs 2009 Darwin Sesquicentennial Celebration.” UC has a tremendous presence in SL and is very proactive in promoting this technology on their campus.