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Decentralization and Socialism

N.B.: This is an unfinished article written in July 2009.

One of the most revolutionary and evolutionary changes that information technology has brought about is the decentralization of networked resources. I am writing this post with a keyboard connected to my local PC which is connected to the Internet where there is a server with […]

LSL Snippets: Toggle

Function: Toggle Switch

Description: Alternates between two actions, like turning a light on and off.

Clarification: A toggle is designed to run two actions alternatively. In its simplest form, it will start or stop an action. But it’s important to think of stopping an action as starting another action that negates the previous action. For […]

Emerging Technologies

N.B.: This article was written in October 2009. It represents unrefined notes and should be considered unfinished.

I just attended an online voice seminar from New Media Consortium (NMC) titled Talking Emerging Technologies With Bryan Alexander. Alexander is Director of Research for National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE), and is currently thet […]

Virtual Memory

N.B.: This is post originally written in January 2009. A recent article in the PrimPerfect blog has brought up the important issue of the ephemeral nature of creative activity in the virtual worlds. As one who has worked in libraries and government agencies, I am reasonably conscious of the idea of records retention and archives. […]