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Evolution in SL (Literally)

The Chronicle of Education reports “the University of Cincinnati has recreated the Galapagos Islands, where Darwin conducted some of his famous research, in Second Life. The project is part of the university‚Äôs 2009 Darwin Sesquicentennial Celebration.” UC has a tremendous presence in SL and is very proactive in promoting this technology on their campus.


Port Spinoza Museum Build

From Spinoza Museum

I recently completed a large project for the Port Spinoza learning commuity in Second Life. Port Spinoza is a brand new sim dedicated to individual and group learning in SL. It’s physical and philosophical model is the Netherlands in the Age of Enlightenment, when reason and critical dialog emerged as intellectual […]

Have You MetaHammer?

They say when all you have is a hammer, all the world’s problems look like nails. I think they just don’t understand hammers. Or nails for that matter.

There are all kinds of hammers for all kinds of jobs. There are sledges, ball-peens, roofing hammers, claw hammers, finishing hammers, tack hammers. Rubber mallets. Two ounce […]